Tang Yan carry Louis Vuitton replica handbags, extremely beautiful

Nicolas Ghesquiere in the last few quarters has been conceived how an expression of style glamor with futuristic? The answer is diverse, electronic, rock, street …… all this mash are to be continued in the season. Retro and modern elements of unity, with the blessing colors, bringing the most to wave to show off a new series. Louis Vuitton LV (Louis Vuitton) 2016 series of autumn and winter fashion show in the Louis Vuitton replica handbags  Foundation for lay off. Nicolas Ghesquiere in the last few quarters has been conceived how an expression of style glamor with futuristic? The answer is diverse, electronic, rock, street …… all this mash are to be continued in the season, cool short paragraph jacket silhouette opening, followed by leather stitching, digital printing, geometric lines are not segmented the same style, no law-abiding deconstructed coats, even knitted dress with leather bodice wonderful combination of retro and modern elements of unity, with the blessing of the colors, to bring the most to wave to show off a new series.

The evening of March 18, Tang Yan appeared Beijing airport for departure 2016 Winter Paris Fashion Week friends to see the show, the same day she was a Louis Vuitton replica handbags 2016 spring series of handsome Look incarnation “sugar man”, adding bright red mini Louis Vuitton replica handbags  breath of spring. And the line of the Fashion Week, Tang Yan turn to see the show Look how to steal the spotlight, please also reported that the faithful wait and see!

PS: Louis Vuitton LV (Louis Vuitton) Monogram series of bags classic of classics, since 2003, the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami Monogram printing gives the colors since, Monogram Multicolore series bags also became a street shooting It bag, sales the amount is more than 300 million US dollars, and what a bright, but “brave hero does not mention the year”, July 17, LVMH Group announced that the series will cooperate formally in late July and exit the store shelves, it also means louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami’s 12 years of cross-border cooperation will be full stop.

The Women Replica Handbags Trends

The Replica Handbags Trends

Woman’s replica bag is a luxury, not a replica bag support field, then the noble woman should wear no temperament. Bags for women, not only convenient, but also dressed, so we should pay particular attention to buy a bag, not only to buy their favorite, but also the popular trophies own collocation. Beginning of autumn is approaching, it is time to prepare for the autumn and winter it! This issue, the reporter visited Harbin Garment Industry Association, invited the fashion industry experts interpret the 2014 autumn and winter fashion trends replica handbags MM are.

As a new fashion trend of color design, candy color penetrated into the replica handbag design, to create a series of eye-catching  luggage Celine replica handbags. Who says candy-colored patent summer, warm colors can also bring a relaxed feeling for the fall and winter seasons. Celine replica bags this season in addition to the classic candy-colored leather and fabric mix outside, in combination with its knitting yarn, diamond, transparent rubber and canvas fabrics are also very coordinated.

Metal brought modern feel impact our line of sight, decorated with a metal chain irresistible magic, whether classic chain-like or cyclic new chain is able to add a gorgeous sheen breath replica bag, to bag a unique Fan unique flavor. Season Louis Vuitton replica handbags, sweet wind and cool air in parallel, as the best performance of cool futuristic fashion elements, or as a metal chain shoulder strap, or as decoration appears on the louis vuitton bag, bring vibrant dress as a whole fashionable.

In addition to escape colors and weird shapes, minimalism is farther long trend, exquisite luxury leather craft, instantly sublimation Hermes replica handbag elegance, simplicity, streamlined design brings the full modern sense, further highlight mature elegant style. Simple can do very beautiful, sweet and neutral under temporary farewell, others reveal their own individuality, minimalist image perhaps you want to show this season.

Fur elements striking mosaic showing a new aesthetic. In addition to the fluffy fur, also belong to the list has a beautiful fur animal striae, such as exquisite fresh serpentinite replica bag is not only easy care, luxurious extravagance of style is also very prominent. This season fur animal pattern stitching hot, fluffy and full of feel interesting decoration, so that the fake Hermes bag is more “soft Meng sweet”, it also brings abundant life for this autumn and winter.

Gucci replica handbags more attention to detail in the design and functionality of the application, such as additional coin pocket in the bag, key chain, camera fake bag and so on. Has a rich variety of materials and shapes of the bag, both practical and fashion degree, taking into account the full functionality of the gucci replica bag, achieve mutual unity of art and technology, in the shape, fabrics, light and lively canvas bag, street the full sense of the rivet package, waterproof fabric backpack is a good choice

2016 Michael Kors Autumn And Winter Fashion Show

February 17, held in New York —Michael Kors Fall 2016 fashion show series in Spring Studio.

This season could not have Michael Kors engraved personal stylish. Light feathers, silk laminated strip, rough chain, spherical buttons domed element throughout this season. Swaying pace flaunt freedom, and accompanied by a trace of ambiguous, rendering flowers tweed, tartan, plaid Tattersall and luxurious metallic brocade autumn indispensable fabric. Short-cut jacket outlet, slim cropped jacket, A word or pleated skirt and cheap dresses, shirts and dresses romantic French, the size of her boyfriend fur, lamb fur short paragraph shaping the contours of the show this season. Fall ultimately heavyweight accessories chain shoulder strap messenger replica bags outlet do, studded rivet camera replica handbags. Footwear is full of personality, from the masculine loafers, Rock Mary Jane to streamline sexy stilettos.

Let’s take a look the photos of the fashion show!

2016 Michael Kors Autumn And Winter Fashion Show

2016 Michael Kors Autumn And Winter Fashion Show-1

2016 Michael Kors Autumn And Winter Fashion Show-2

Women’s Fashion Replica Bags

Women's Fashion Replica Handbags

Brand designer Anya Hindmarch 1986 annual income line in 1993 in London dedicates a shop, in 2001, 35-year-old Anya Hindmarch won by the British fashion Committee awarded the “2001 Best British Designer” award. However, after winning her brand and her own influence seems to be no big help, the brand is also limited in the replica handbags UK spread.

But this year, 2007, that all changed, Anya Hindmarch with a price of £ 5 canvas become a household name worldwide, and makes environmental protection has become the most fashionable lifestyle. Since then, Anya Hindmarch out of the United Kingdom, gradually being sought after around the star players!

However, a big-name brand replica bags to embark on the road, one of the two special skill alone is absolutely impossible! Anya Hindmarch knows the truth, is not the same package shall not only annually, but also a lot of new gadgets, including ornaments, ah, ah, etc. sticker.

Women's Fashion Replica Handbags-1

Anya Hindmarch do right now, is best known for her home should be a sticker pack, Korean American actor Jamie Chung this body usually small fresh look, this relatively simple combination of basic models gucci Tote is not it beautiful friends ~ passers-wood there, thanks to both practical and eye-catching feature pack blanket! Here is the street beat up people Carlotta Oddi carry and careful you have wood have found, in fact it, this gucci replica bag to keep up with the same figure series? but then, Carlotta Oddi also feel that this pattern is not enough suction eye blanket! the aH home stickers, tassels are decorated with ornaments on it, although a lot of things, but it felt very harmonious eh ~ is that someone who will play!

Women's Fashion Replica Handbags-2

Chocolate packaging enough, but also to beverage cans, which can be incredibly lifelike fresh, even if the encounter passers Xiao Bian carry this replica Chanel bag sister, ah, you have to be careful. Designers greatly inspired by the Guards! This chocolate and drinks enough!  Figure on this potato chips packaging absurd! see Eva Chen was so happy to carry, it seems like potato chips after just enjoy it – so to meet customer requirements, and instantly let me design Normal large goodwill Cengceng Biao wow!

The Fashion Of Replica Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton knows about all things great and has taken an interest in the new Blackberry Z10 device. The touchscreen Blackberry Z10 is one of the latest Blackberry’s to hit the market. The luxury fashion brand created two handcrafted cases for it. The signature LV monogram replica case is available in brown with the signature LV design and the Damier grey and black square design. The phone slips in and out of the case through a top opening and is protected the whole time. The cases will run Blackberry owners about $340 and are currently available at all Louis Vuitton retailers. Check out the cases below.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton replica may have blossomed from artisanal leather luggagemaker to a global fashion powerhouse but it has never strayed far from its roots a pioneer of luxury travel. Its commitment to the cause has seen it launch the iconic ‘Carnets de Voyage’ guides, as well as the recent ‘Objets Nomades’ accessories collection – and now the brand is presenting an inspired vision of contemporary travel with a new collection of books, each volume a compelling visual journey told through the eyes of an artist.

Placing emphasis on popular cities, as much as far-flung locations, the inaugural global tour kicks off with four vibrant locales: New York, Paris, London and Easter Island, with Vietnam and Venice set to follow soon after. This is made all the more dynamic with the house’s pairing of artists to a city that is not their home: Frenchman Jean-Philippe Delhomme paints New York; Chéri Samba, a Congolese artist, investigates Paris; Japanese illustrator Natsko Seki envisions London; and American artist Daniel Arsham visits Easter Island.

In each tome, familiar and unexpected scenes are depicted with equal creative flourish. At Arsham’s hand, the historic statues of Easter Island take on a haunting, melancholic quality. In contrast, Samba’s otherworldly scenes of Paris are charged with political commentary. The fresh approach of pitching artist versus destination conveys the unique feeling of being on a journey with the artist while looking through his lens, making for captivating fodder cover to cover.

What attracted you to this project?
I’ve been traveling and working on different projects and clients in New York since the mid-1900s, having done several advertising campaigns for Barneys, and more recently working for clients like The Mark Hotel, and Sotheby’s. I’ve always been very inspired by the city. In fact, it’s difficult to find a place this exciting visually; the buildings, signs, the fact that it’s by the water, and often industrial. Plus there is this incredible light. And of course, the tremendous variety of people and characters.

What characteristics about New York did you try to capture in your drawings?
The most impressive thing for an artist in New York is its sharp and violent light – and its shadows, the deepest I’ve seen in any city. There’s also a certain melancholy and loneliness to New York that I like, and the sense that things are miraculously suspended in time but eroded by the weather. I love the remains of the Old New York – old storefronts, garage repairs shops, skyscrapers’ entrances. These things make the city a poetic space, and not just a global shopping experience.

What things about the city did you discover while working on the book?
Being so familiar to the city after many years, the challenge for me was to find or revisit places that I still find poetic and inspirational. I was happy to be able to visit Electric Lady Studios, which was created by Jimi Hendrix in the late sixties, just before he died. There are fantastic, cosmic murals commissioned by Hendrix and painted at the time by an artist, Lance Jost.

What are some of your new favourite places in New York that you found as a result of this project?
One of my favourite things is to hang out in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and go for a meal – there is the Lobster Pound in the day, and The Good Fork at night for dinner. These days I also like to go to Reynards in the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg as well as walking around my studio in in Queens. The buildings, metal scrap yards, sidewalk car repairs are fantastic to paint as a landscape.